Pivot to What's Next_

The most critical decision for any business leader is to know when to stay the course versus change direction.

But our world has fundamentally changed, and many organizations can no longer afford to simply stay the course. Now that we’re emerging from crisis mode, it’s time to think about how we move forward. Based on your situation, it could be addressing an urgent problem or seizing an emerging opportunity.


Through our Virtual Swarming method, we’re helping leadership teams tackle complex business challenges, powered by Silicon Valley ThinkingTM— a powerful and agile approach that gives you a competitive advantage in times of rapid change. Whether it’s a brand, product, customer or workplace culture problem or opportunity, we can help you pivot.


Initiative Roadmapping

Over the course of one week, we’ll help your team identify key initiatives in support of realizing the bold idea that will help your organization pivot. With your team, we’ll collectively prioritize activities within identified initiatives that can be implemented now, soon and later, giving your organization a tangible time and action plan that will help you get the support you need to put your ideas into the world.

This module is for any team that is looking to rapidly address a brand, product, customer or workplace culture problem or opportunity. This module can also be paired with our Opportunity Shaping module, if you haven’t yet identified your problem or opportunity, and/or our Future Building module, if you haven’t yet developed potential pivot-worthy solutions.


Enterprise executive teams, divisional leadership teams, innovation teams, marketing teams, product teams, customer experience (CX) teams and human resource teams.



Using our Virtual Swarming method, our world-class thinkers and makers will engage your remote team through a series of online sprints. Guided by Silicon Valley ThinkingTM, we’ll rapidly co-create solutions and empower your teams to develop truly inspired, new ideas that will help your organization seize the new high ground.


Three to six key initiatives that support a pivot-worthy idea, with a timeline and action plan for implementation.

Ready to pivot to what’s next?


Making the Pivot

Seven dimensions that drive impactful business pivots.


We know that envisioning a bold new future can be daunting. But having worked with companies for 20 years in Silicon Valley, we’ve seen organizations in all stages of maturity make successful pivots that changed their fortunes. From making wholesale business-model changes, to making products that customers (actually) want. You can pivot too.

We’ve taken our experience and developed a playbook based on our analysis of what drives impactful business pivots, and we’d love you to have it. We’ve identified seven dimensions you can use as a framework to help you better identify problems, and to more clearly see emerging opportunities.

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